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I love what I do.  It is my life’s work and I am deeply honored to have the ability to
share my gifts with you in the knowingness that you will find the shift and balance you are seeking.

Creative Solutions

Can you feel it?

The full yang of summer is starting it ‘s decline and with it just a bit of our enthusiasm, energy, our out going nature.

Someone said to me yesterday he didn’ t feel like interacting with the “public” today.  Which I found amusing and also enlightening.  In the world at large right

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Is Resistance Futile?

I hear that all the time.  I also keep hearing that I need to let go of resistance.

Do you?

I guess that ‘s a part of me that is still relatively subconscious.  One of those parts I planned on looking at later.  Well, it seems that later has just knocked on the door and brought a huge car full of suitcases…and it wants me to be the bell boy and bring ‘ em all in.


In case you too have been warned

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It ‘s funny all the ways we were told to ask for Permission when we were growing up.  Please and Thank You were drilled into most of our heads.  Even in school we so strangely had to ask for permission to use the bathroom…

And so, at 40+ I just became aware of a new permission I must ask for…and it’ s one that is my favorite so far…and one that I have found myself doing repeatedly since my attention was brought towards this gem.

I consider myself to be a rather ritualistic person. 

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