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There are no words to describe the smell of Spring.

That primal aliveness.

How when you breathe it in deeply into your lungs there is a memory there you can’t quite access.  But it’s a good one.  And you can sit and breathe and be, and not-quite-remember.

There are no words to describe the smell of Spring, yet we try.


Because every year, after a punishing winter (for some of us) the unbelievable happens.  We see these little green bursts of life where before were mud and sticks.  And almost right before our eyes they transform themselves into color.  Bigger and bolder then we even remember.

And it is that perseverance that is a metaphor for our own lives.  For our own cycles.

Change is inevitable.

Truly.  Inevitable.

And I think so many of us have been disappointed by change that we have a negative connotation of what that looks like.  To really change.

And as I stood in the woods this morning, smelling that smell I couldn’t define and remembering yet not remembering the thing about it I couldn’t put my finger on, I realized it was hope.

Because we never really stop hoping, do we?

And just like the daffodil shoots below the ground, wintering…they look like bulbs.  They look like they are doing nothing, but they are waiting for the time when they are called yet again into existence.

And while that’s not a definition of hope, that is what hope is.

That the sun, and wind, and the rain will bring the things we desire.

That change will be good this time.

And for that to happen we need to stand outside in the woods, and connect to that energy of change, smell it….and let your brain remember the thing it can’t quite remember.

It may be that everything will be alright.  Maybe that you are on the right path.  Maybe that you need to pick another one.

But standing outside under the canopy of trees this morning I was struck by knowing.  That’s it.  Just knowing.  Knowing I didn’t’ want to be anywhere else in the world but right where my feet were planted.  Birds chirping.  Mist washing my face.

And from that place, anything is possible.

That woody smell had hints of Frankincense and Tulsi and Cedar.  Arguably in my top ten favorite Essential Oils…the gift of the plants.  Scents to elicit purpose and grounding, of strength, and openness.

And so I leave you this morning with a challenge to get up earlier than you usually do, and put on warm clothes (if you are in a cold climate) and find a patch of trees hopefully away from street noise…and stand, and breathe.

And see if hope doesn’t come for you.

See if you are not rooted and yet changed.

See if you can just, breathe.



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Or back up a step…how do you know when you are on the right path?  How can you  judge if your life has meaning?

These are big questions…like elephant in the middle of the room type questions.  And the answer definitely has to come from inside of you…in that place where you are the judge and jury.

And I have been sitting there a lot lately.  A lot.  More than that…yeah…that much.

And yes, I started with the judge, and man was she tough….but luckily, I had some big time helpers sitting on my jury!  And here is what we came to agree on…maybe this will help you with your inquiry.

1) Personal Integrity

The top of the list called, “Did I make it” had one clear bell.  How well am I living up to my own sense of Personal Integrity.  The things that came up for me were big and small.  Do I recycle, compost, how big is my carbon footprint, Am I honest, can I be trusted and can I trust myself, am I responsible, am I a good person, do I check in with my needs and make sure they are met.  The list goes on and on. It turns out that being alive has many many responsibilities, but to be present for them, I have to know myself.  So before it all, this was most important.

2) Compassion

It’s turned into a buzz word lately, but really, when you look inside….do have evidence of being a compassionate person?  Do you listen more than you talk?  Are you a good friend?  A good human?  Can you be present for another person?  We can’t all be Buddha, but we can do what we can do.  And what I have realized is that when I have space for compassion within myself…I have a lot of room for compassion towards others.

3) Meaningful Work versus Necessary Work

This one is tricky.  I happen to be super lucky and my work IS my passion.  But there are lots of you out there who have a job and learn to like/tolerate it…and it’s a necessity.  There is no shame in that.  BUT….it means you have to find meaningful work elsewhere….because the dwarfs had it right when they sang whistle while you work.  There is a medicine in doing things we love.  So one of the best ways to know if you’ve made it, is by pointing to work you have done this lifetime you are proud of, that brought you satisfaction, joy even.

There are people who make art along the beach…spend all day making sandcastles or drawing amazing pieces with shading and everything…and it’s gone as soon as the tide comes in.  But this brings them the most intense feeling of purpose, of passion!  And it’s fleeting, so they do it again the next day.  This isn’t about leaving a mark that never moves throughout history…this is about finding what wants to come out of you!  This one is tricky…but it’s very important.

4) Giving Back

This does not mean financially, though it could.  However you can give back…it  counts.  And this one counts big!  Other examples of giving back are volunteering, picking up trash (you know when I’m walking my dog and I see some other dog poop near where my dog is going…I always pick it up.  It can be little things!)  It can be playing with your friends kids when they really need a break, holding doors open for people when their hands are full…every little thing that helps another person is part of giving back.  How many times a day can you reach out?  I bet it’s more than  you think!


Finding your friends and your community in life is an amazing way to gauge if you’ve made it.  When I look around at the people who surround me, people who I have chosen and who have chosen me back…I am amazed.  I may not think that highly of myself…but I have to marvel at the  amazing people around me and acknowledge they see something in me I don’t see.  I have ultimate faith in their judgement and I can allow that knowledge to fill me up! Look around and see who surrounds you.  Community cannot be bought, it can’t be won…it has to be earned…and when you are in the center of amazing people, you KNOW you’ve made it!

6) Stillness/Presence

I think it’s easy to run around and try this and try that and do this and…wow.  That gets exhausting, but it’s fun!  And it’s distracting.  When you can turn all that enthusiasm inward, when you find that inner balance which allows for perfect stillness, for contemplation, for being in the moment, You have made it.

I have used this example before, and I’m not a skier, but I know a ton of ‘em.  And they always talk about that focus, that presence, that stillness they can connect into when they are going down the mountain at full speed.  So stillness can take many forms…there is no right or wrong.

7)Personal Feelings of Accomplishment

You get a say in weather you have made it or not too!  When you look inside…what are your accomplishments in life?  And I would like to stop that thought that just came up…because I had to stop myself from this a few months back.  Other peoples ideas of what making it means has nothing to do with your ideas!  You get to decide.  You get to feel what is right.  And I really suggest sitting down and making a list, or a drawing, or a doodle or whatever feels like the right way to tap into this information.  Remember, you are your judge and your jury…lay out the fullest case you can.  And if you aren’t feeling anything…it’s time to get to work! (But I bet you can find at least one!)

8)At least one other person agrees with you

I was actually having a hard time coming up with my list, and those of you who know me may be shocked by that.  But I happened to be talking with a friend who said, “Elisha, I don’t know anyone who has touched and changed more peoples lives for the better.”  And he started giving me an example of how I had changed his.  And I started thinking about all my patients and friends and even strangers who I listened to and offered advice and heard from them years later how our chat had propelled them forward in life.  And I realized that making it..for me…has always about helping pe0ple be the best version of themselves.

So getting a little agreement from folks feels beyond amazing.  Imagine you are calling witnesses to the stand…and make sure you call good ones!

9) Joy is a part of everyday

I think a major indicator of making it or not is the quality and quantity of joy in your life.  If you aren’t having a good time….you definitely have NOT made it.  And by joy I mean something different than random manic outbursts…I mean…without being overly cliche, though I’m going to be anyway…that you stop to smell the flowers.  That you actually are awed by sunsets or leaves unfurling or waves rolling in…or whatever it is that brings joy into your life and heart.  Yes laughter is important, but so is that full feeling you can get in your heart where you think it’s going to burst from love or joy or whatever word that comes no where close to capturing what is happening in those moments.


10) Your list of accomplishments eclipses your list of regrets

This should be obvious.  But I want to point something out here.  We all wanted to be Indiana Jones or an Astronaut or a movie star or the President.  Those don’t really count in what i’m talking about unless you were on a track towards one of those things and failed miserably…or really wanted to try and just never did.  I’m talking about taking stock in all the things above and laying them out as your closing argument right now…even though you have so much more living to do.  If you looked at your life right now, where do you stand?  And lucky for you, you still have time, even if it’s only a few breaths.  Take one of those things above and do it differently.  Do it from your heart.  Do it with passion that you haven’t mustered up in years.  Do it with reckless abandon!  (I can’t give up the cliches.)

If you are serious about feeling like your life has been worth something, like you want to know that about your self…start living the life that will make that happen.

Money isn’t everything.  In fact, when I really got down to it…99% of what makes my life so beautiful has nothing to do with it.  And I have to tell you…that feels really good.

So, how do you know when you’ve made it?

Let’s hear your case!


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People are always asking me how I became intuitive. And I always smile inside to stop myself from getting on my soap box. And say calmly,


And then you say to me what everyone says, “No I’m not.”

Let’s start over shall we.

Intuition is actually in every person’s DNA. It’s just there. Believe me or not, it’s still there. It’s just a matter of how clear you can get into your listening skills.

Sound simple?

It’s not. It’s not the least bit simple. In fact it’s laced with every fear and doubt that your system can throw at you.

And behind that is even more of the same, but deeper.

And behind that, you get the idea.

So most people end up relying on what other people think is the right thing for them to do. Which I just don’t understand. I mean, how can someone else know what is right for YOU?

So let’s start over again with the understanding that you are intuitive.

Hi, you’re intuitive, now what?

Now, you can check out this vlog here…it’s a cute little diddy from Halloween when the veil was nice an thin. It has some great starter stuff….and then you can do this…

When you are asked, or you ask yourself a question, assume that there are only two answers.

Yes and No.

I don’t know get’s lumped into NO….so that still leaves just Yes and No.

Later gets lumped into No, so again, still yes and no.

Try it right now. Ask yourself a question and see what the answer is.

See I just asked myself if I wanted a doughnut…and it’s a trick question…since I’m not eating the white devil anymore it’s a no, but I really really want a doughnut….so since there is doubt, the answer (mercifully) is No.

If there is a shred of doubt, the answer is No.

It will save you thousands of dollars, I can promise you that.

What does this have to do with intuition? This is a GREAT first lesson in listening to yourself. And listening to yourself is a great way to expand your listening in general…which will make you a more open channel for hearing other messages.

Did you know when you are programming a Pendulum you ask it to spin for yes, and then you ask it to spin for no…and then you soon realize, that an inappropriate question makes it just hang down without moving.


So what I’m saying is, if you get really really good at hearing your answer to Yes and No, then you will clearly be able to use a pendulum which works solely on the idea of understanding your translations of yes and no….so wouldn’t you be crazy intuitive if you could do that?

I think yes!

So, for all those out there who think  only intuitives can be intuitive…I am here to debunk that myth.  If you really want to, you can too.  If you really want to tap into that part of yourself that I promise you is there, waiting to be listened to….think Yes and No.

It will take you down pathways you probably have never imagined.

Good Luck!  May the force be with you :)

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“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”
Edgar Allan Poe, Eleonora


What do we do with the our dreams?  Do we give them away to responsibility?  Do we imagine them only to keep going?  Do we assume we could never be that grand?  That we don’t deserve them?

I have been a dreamer my whole life.  I remember falling asleep every night planning the kind of day I would awake to.

It never happened.  Not once.  Was it because I dared not believe it could ?  Was I afraid of being disappointed?  Or did I know there was a bigger dream coming to find me?

Or maybe when you spend your whole life dreaming–when that real dream floats in front of your eyes you see it for what it is…and grab hold with both hands!

Lately, my life has felt like a fairy tale.  But this time, I wasn’t wishing for it…it was just apparating in front of me…perfect little piece by perfect little piece.

It is with a heart filled with stardust and roses I let you know that i am leaving my chosen home of the past 18 years…the brooding emerald paradise I am so honored to have real roots.  The mountainous, unbelievably beautiful pacific north west.





As of June–this dreamer will be located on the sweet, also mountainous island of Maui.

It’s gonna be me and sand and whales and turtles and dolphins and rainbows and vitamin D and paddle boarding at sunrise in warm waters…and of course…my dog.

I will be working out of an amazing world class retreat center in Makawao…which is about 1,500 feet up the mountain.  It’s a retreat center worthy of a dreamer.  Another one of those dreams come true.

My life here in the pacific north west, living and working, has been the biggest ski slope of ups and downs…gradually ebbing to the peace of amazing community and connection that will be with me for the rest of my days…wherever on this planet I find myself.  Here in the PNW I grew up, I became a healer, and have done some hard internal work I never knew I was brave enough to face!  I owe this land and the people I met here so much.

Leaving you all, leaving this green paradise, will be hard.

But when a dream calls…it’s best to listen!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

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What I learned while Working at a major Supplement Store: A Vignette

Business was a little slow.  The kind of slow where I had a few choices.  Begin the seemingly never ending journey of binge watching Dexter from the beginning, or do something else.

It just so happened that I was having a hard time keeping up with all the supplements that patients were coming in with.  Each one a new miracle cure for headaches, body pain, weight loss, blood pressure, stress.

I was skeptical.  It’s in my nature.

But like I said, I had time and I was trying to save myself from becoming stuck in one episode after anther…so I applied at the local supplement store.  And was hired.

I took that as a sign.

Every day I walked the isles and read the labels and looked up more information in the “big book” at the front of the store.  I  queried the more seasoned employees.  But more than anything, I talked with the customers.

“How are you feeling when you take these?” I asked.

I got one of two answers back most of the time.

“I don’t feel any worse.”  or “I THINK I’m feeling better.”

That did not sit well with me.

I kept trying to put product in peoples carts, but I had this nagging sensation that I was just wasting their money.  I would use phrases like, “I’ve been told this helps with insomnia.”  Very non-committal.

And then one day, a woman came in who I couldn’t just tow the party line with.  She looked pale, and her coloring was off somehow.  She seemed rigid, tight.  She was gripping the handle of her hand basket.

I walked over and asked if I could help, and she said, “I have a constant headache.  I’ve had one for years.  And I was wondering what I could try?”

And Elisha the healer stepped out of her shell.

“How much water do you drink?” I asked.

“What?”  She looked around the store, maybe to make sure where she was standing…and then looked back at me.

“How much water do you drink a day?”  I asked again.

“I don’t understand your question.” She said.  Looking right into my face.

“It is my experience that people who drink coffee and flavored drinks all day are not hydrating and end up with chronic headaches.  So how much just plain water do you drink a day?”

“I don’t think I do,” she said, more like a question.

“It’s my recommendation that you drink 8 glasses of JUST water a day for a week, and then come back and tell me how you are.  If that doesn’t work, we will jump to plan B. “  I took her hand cart for her and she looked at me funny.

“Just water?” she asked.

“It’s free.” I said.  “Try for just a week and then come back in.”

She left.


She came back the next week and I almost didn’t recognize her.  Not tight.  Not pale.  Not off in color.  Sheen to her eyes.

She smiled.

“I can’t believe it.  I don’t have a headache.  It’s been five days!”

And the supplement store began to crumble around me.

I talked to as many people in that store as I could.  I recommended most of the time one or more of the following.

1) Drink 8 cups of water a day.  Preferably NOT out of a plastic bottle.  Preferable filtered.

2) High Quality Fish Oil (if you aren’t getting Omega’s from your food.)

3) A good pro-biotic (if there are GI problems or a history of anti-biotic use even back to      childhood.)

Yes, Zinc if you are getting a cold.  With some Vitamin A and C and D.  Mushroom Extracts are AMAZING for immunity.  But really…the rest should be prescribed by YOUR ND.  You should not trust Dr. Oz or Wile to tell you what you need.  Herbs are not toys.  They are real bonafide medicine.  And the last time I checked…most of us weren’t doctors.

But Water, Rest, Exercise…those are the foundations.  Those are the building blocks.  Those we can do.  And I almost guarantee…you WILL feel better.

When someone comes in for an appointment, if after three treatments they aren’t feeling better.  Not healed necessarily, but definitely not feeling better…I try something new.  And if I do that a few times…I admit I don’t think I can help them, and send them to someone who I think can.

When you are taking supplements that you decide on your own you should be taking…if they aren’t making you feel better…you should really think about that.  It’s a big industry, and not everyone plays fair…so watch out and pay attention…and drink more water.

I quit soon thereafter because I got busy again.  But I can tell you…I emptied out my supplement drawer at home….and I have not bought anything since.






Do You Still Need Health Insurance?

This is a practical post.  Sorry.

If you, like me, tried to get health insurance through the website with the rest of the United States and got bumped and then couldn’t select the plan you wanted…then I have news for you.

Did you know that money is built INTO those plans for an agent fee?  That means there are human beings that are standing by, ready to assist you for FREE.

Let me say that again.  If you go to a place that brokers health insurance…they will get you set up hassle free for free.

Yes.  I’m sure.  I just did it yesterday.

And as you know, I’m not a fan of health care…but if you don’t use a broker…then the health insurance company gets that earmarked money.  You don’t get lower fees, they just get more money.

So.  When you go through a broker….they are your assistant.  And if you run into snafoos…they can help.  In theory they know their away around the system…but more importantly they are paid to be put on hold for hours.  You are not.

A simple search with your zip code and health insurance brokers should put you in the right direction.

I hope this helps.  The deadline for getting insurance set up is looming.  If you don’t choose a plan you will be charged $150/mo penalty.  So pick a plan and get covered and get help from a friendly broker!

You’re welcome and may the force be with you.

P.S.  Sign up now because the first day you are covered is going to be April 1.  They are really backed up…it’s only going to get further out!


The Art of Detox

Hi.  I can tell you right now you are super glad you didn’t have an appointment with me for the past four days.

Let me back up.  I decided that I had become a slave to sugar and wheat and dairy.  Literally a slave.  They were in my thoughts constantly and I was eating them with a regularity that made me very nervous.

I was beginning to look like a pastry.  I was dreaming of caramel.  I was buying those buckets of crap at Trader Joe’s where before I would walk on by without even noticing.

And then I started to talking to Tom Malterre.  He is a world class nutritionist and he basically slipped some sense into me…and I could no longer look that block of cheese in the face the same way.  Oh I wanted to devour it whole….but there was a voice inside telling me no.

I won’t get into all I talked about with Tom…because that’s not what this post is about.

What I do want to talk about is Detox.  There is an Art.  It’s going to suck, but….there is an art.

Quitting sugar, wheat, gluten, dairy…really quitting…feels a lot like getting sober or quitting smoking.


And it’s not easy.  And it takes preparation.  And it takes a commitment to yourself…because that is the only person who is going to keep that doughnut of your mouth. Or Apple Pie.  Or whatever your particular weakness is…corn chips…oh i could go for a…..


And what I want to talk about today, should you at any point in your life go on a strict diet, or elimination diet (which is Tom’s next book…and it looks AMAZING!) is what is going to happen to you when you strip these substances from your body?

You need at least 4 days.  It could be 2, it could be 2 months…everyone is different.

You need to exercise even if you’re tired.  Just a ten minute walk will do wonders!

You need to nap when you are really really tired.

You need to take at least two baths a day with Epsom salts and essential oils if you’ve got ‘em.

You need to know you ARE GOING TO HAVE A HEADACHE.  Aspirin won’t help, so don’t bother.  Just know, around day 4 it should start feeling better.

You may find that caffeine begins to make you tired instead of waking you up.  (I am sorry about this one.  I have had to switch to decaf green tea.)

You will be moody.  And it will sneak up on you.  And you may not feel like apologizing right away.  (Totally normal…so maybe just alert anyone you talk to regularly that you may be kind of a bear for a few days and pre-apologize.)

Spacing out on Netflix is a great solution when you want to shove your face full of fries.

Sitting in meditation may seem like a good idea…but in my case….it just made donuts dance in front of my face.  I skipped my meditation practice for a few days until the cravings died down.  If you aren’t a visual meditator however, this might be a GREAT way to come into your body.

If you are doing hard core Paleo…PLEASE REMEMBER you can eat Sweet Potatoes in moderation so you don’t feel like you are swimming through goo when you try to think or move.  Your body actually does need SOME carbs…and that’s the carb that keeps you on the straight and narrow.

I have heard receiving body work is a GREAT way to move the toxins through.  I didn’t think of that until after I was over the worst of it.  Your welcome.

Some dandelion or detox tea is a great idea for helping to flush the demons and get back to your normal loving self.

Jokes.  Jokes are always a good idea.

DON’T obsessively weigh yourself.  Also, don’t obsessively try to see if your “Wheat Belly” is gone.  It’s not.  There is a road back to a different kind of health and body once you are through the detox part of your diet. But don’t worry…you will have the energy for it…and you will love using your body again!

Finally….I don’t care what diet you’re on, you may want to consider being totally and completely dedicated and strict for ONE FULL MONTH.  I know on the Paleo you can “cheat” one day a week…but I think cheating needs to happen once all the detox is complete…and that can take up to a month…longer in those who are really unhealthy to start with.

I know that I am going to stay away from Gluten.  I’m gonna get that horrible gluten free pizza dough and make my own so there is no sugar in the sauce and the veggies are organic, as is the meat….and that is going to be my month reward.  I’m going to try really really hard to not eat cheese more than once a month…lord I’m going to try.  But my first pizza is going to be pesto…and if I can find a vegan recipe that’s killer…I will use it!

But I think I’m off the white devil for good.  The amount of agony I went through for that four days…the cravings….that is not OK.  Sugar is evil…and I’m starting to really get that. I hear from those who are sugar free then when it’s really out of your system, when you taste it it’s so STRONG that you don’t want it.  I find that impossible on day 5….but I’m willing to hold out judgement for a few months!

So I am on day 5.  I have a little headache…but it also might be that I’ve been wearing  a winter hat all day.  I have moderate energy.  I am sleeping like the dead (one of my symptoms was insomnia…since day 2 I’ve been sleeping deeply through the night.)  My body pain is lessening even though I have been less active than normal (due to energy constraints.)  I am not craving anything but enjoying immensely my food which is phenomenal because I’m cooking everything myself and I’m a great cook!

If you want info on why this is a good idea, I recommend Tom’s cookbooks and the huge information database on his website.  Both are loaded with TONS of info.  Or if you are in Bellingham get an appointment…he’s a helluva guy and loaded with information that will change your world!

And for those of you who I told to stay away from me…I’m all better now. We can play again.

Please feel free to share this with anyone you know who is about to or is currently in some state of Detox.  This is what worked for me….so maybe it will help them!

Viva Sweet Potato!




Movement = Life


It’s been a long time.  I have been swimming with the whales and wiggling my toes in sand and drinking cold drinks and watching the sun set over crystal blue waters.  And I just couldn’t make myself get on a computer.  Can you blame me?

Well, I was upstairs this morning listening to some Alan Watts….he has years of awe inspiring talks out there for those looking for inspiration of the spiritual or philosophical nature.  Anyway, he says this:

“Things that tend to be permanent tend to be lifeless.”

I was already getting cracked out on my matte but this hit me like a lightning bolt.  I can still feel the sway of water in my being and hear the whale song in my mind.  And yes, it makes me feel so alive.

I heard that and thought immediately about all the areas of my life that I have in boxes.  That I want to be a “certain way.”  I think about the nature of safety and wonder and if I don’t have it all wrong?

Now, I’m not suggesting jumping off of bridges or any kind of thrill seeking which some people will associate with being alive.  But if that’s your thing, by all means, get to it.

I mean the everyday things.  The mundane.  The things we take for granted we believe will simply be there.  How much of our life is so planned that even the idea of organic flow is stifled.

Where is there space for Magic?

There is all this talk about manifesting…to be in that flow. But to really be in that flow…we need to take ourselves out of what is comfortable.  To really see what we keep in the box…and try  something else?

I don’t assume to know what that is for you, but I CAN assume to know there is something.  Most likely many things that are habit.  That are confined.  That need a little breathing room.

He went on to say that if everyone was gifted with the same artistic ability…you and me and the masters were all the same…and our art was as amazing as the art in the museums…then art would be lifeless.  That there is something about creative individualism that also is a part of life.

Have you found yours?  Have you tapped in?  Have you poked your toes into that warm sand to see how it feels?  Have you stepped out just a little, then a little more, then a little more?

Have you gotten so far out that you turn around and  your box is gone?  That there is no going back to the way it was?

Yeah, it’s scary.  I know.  But you know what’s not scary?  Taking a deep breath, and feeling something different, something stirring, something growing that didn’t have space to grow before.  That feeling.  That one right there…that’s called Life.  Possibility. Imagination.  Creativity.  Belief.  Magic.

Try it.  Just a little wiggle.  Just a little wiggle.

It’s the year of the horse.  It’s the year for you to be inspired and take decisive and quick action.  It’s the year to have fun and travel and be in the flow.  It’s the year to step back into LIFE!

Just start with a little wiggle and see where it takes you!



What’s Next? Let’s go just a little deeper….

What’s next?

I could try to make it up…let me have a go.  I’ll rip some of the pages from my book to do it.  Your wildest dreams are all about to come true, your problems are all about to be solved, your relationships will all heal, you will find that “one” you are looking for…the real “one” this time…you’ll remodel the kitchen or maybe it was the bathroom…really take up <insert hobby you have been meaning to start every year.>

How’d I do?

Does that list make you feel safe?  At ease?  More relaxed?

I hope so.

Now let’s go just a smidge deeper, shall we?    Why are those the things you want?  The things you are making yourself wrong for not achieving?  The things that keep you up at night?  Why are these the things you are waiting for?

There’s something tugging underneath that.  Isn’t there?

Move that pile of books, that craft project you’ve been meaning to finish for ten years, that exercise bike with all the old clothes to take to goodwill on it…

Yeah, what’s under there?

Let me show you…

Long walks in nature, breathing in the fresh fertile air which pulls toxins from your lungs and replenishes you with healthy air.  You become grounded, more connected with yourself and those around you.  Your mind naturally settles down as your ears stretch to hear the sounds of the forest, re-balancing your brain.

Healthy Food Choices high in protein, fiber and healthy fats.  Organic, Non-GMO foods that build healthy cells and muscles in your body.  Probiotics that heal and protect your gut–leaving you available to properly digest and absorb nutrients you need to make your mind sharp, to make healthy bones and strong muscles.  To make good choices.

Exercise which is dependent on your personal fitness level.  But use the lungs the trees are repairing.  Use the muscles your food is helping you create.  Walk briskly enough to raise your heartbeat–and stay that way–however you got there—for at least a half an hour.  Work up to that if you need to.  Get a little glisten going…the sweat is your reward.  Feel the heat and action and motivation deep in your muscles.  Watch that transform your life.

Look at your emotions and motivations.  Don’t necessarily try to change them, just notice them.  What ways are you being that don’t serve you?  They will be noticeable if you are conscious of paying attention.  Then you can decide if they fit in your life.  They aren’t just on auto pilot anymore, they are choices.  This may look like anger, fear, jealousy, foods, addictions…  Look at what makes you truly happy.  Look at what motivates you.  Look at what feels good, really good to your body, mind, and soul.  Then decide who you are. Then decide who you want to be right now.

Generosity.  First and foremost, compassion towards yourself.  Self Love.  And then you have so much more to offer others.  See the best parts of you in others…Smile at strangers.  Pick up trash just because you want to heal your planet.  Give your leftovers to a homeless person on the street as you walk by. How can you be generous just one more time today?  Even if that is with yourself.  Forgive yourself for judgement.  Forgive yourself for something you think you don’t deserve forgiveness for.  Hold the door open for someone.  Let someone with fewer items ahead of you in the line.  See how good YOU feel when you do this!

Maybe focusing on those things is enough.

Maybe solutions for the rest will appear when we are focused on other tings?  Maybe the deep compassion we are nurturing in ourselves and sharing with others can spread in the most delicious and unpredictable ways.

Maybe that’s what’s next?

I’m game to try if you are…


Suffering. Are we done yet?

What’s your flavor?  Mine is fear.  Mine is pain.  Mine is random bouts of hopelessness that eventually turn into fits of uncontrollable laughter at the insanity of it all.

What’s your flavor?  Is it judgement?  Is it addiction?  Is it self loathing?  Is it different every day?

Mine sometimes skips around before choosing just one.

Even my physical pain seems to mosey…here for a day, there for a day, oh…yeah…i’ll stay right here for a week.

And what can we do?  Cry?  Get Acupuncture?  Complain?  Complain some more?  Complain to someone else?  Get more Acupuncture…

What do we really have in place to look suffering dead on in the eyeballs and say, “Hey, it’s nice to see you again, how about we do it my way this time?”

And what would “your way” look like?

You realize you have a choice right.  Somewhere under it all.  Under it all…those parts…I’m talking to those ones your thinking about right now that control you…yeah, those.  You actually control THEM, but they don’t want you knowing it.

And what do I mean by control?

I mean, you have the opportunity to decide how they will actually affect your life.

I have chronic back pain from breaking my back years ago.

So I can either:  Do nothing and feel horrible.  Or do yoga and drink plenty of water and almost forget I have chronic back pain.

Now, doing nothing is sometimes what I choose, and my reward for that is looking the other way when suffering stares it’s beady little eyes at me.  But that was my choice.

I just read a story the other day that someone posted on the fizzle-bizzle.  Oh, that’s facebook, it just sounds better.  It was a Zen story about a student that kept complaining to his teacher.  And the teacher  had the student put salt into a glass of water and drink it.  He then asked the student how it tasted and the student replied…as I’m quite sure you have already deduced, “salty.”

And then they walked silently to a large lake.  And once there, the teacher asked the student to put salt in the water.  And the student did.  And the teacher said, drink the water (I’m paraphrasing…it wasn’t like “I command thee”….you get the drift.)

And the student did, and then he said the water tasted fresh.  And the teacher replied something like, When life gets too salty, take a wider view.

When life gets too salty…Expand your view point.

Like all good zen teachings, it makes so much sense, and yet is so hard to put into practice.

Look, when I’m feeling salty I’m going to god damn feel salty…But when I do finally get bored of that…when I look around and see what else is in my world, or my life, or the lives around me…I do feel better.


Because I drank out of the lake and it was delicious.

Because I changed those things that were making me suffer.  I had to be ready to do it..but then one little step at a time, i did.

And so can you.

Why, truly, would you drink salt in an ity bity glass, when you could have fresh, beautiful, nourishing, clear, refreshingly amazing lake yumminess.

And also acupuncture, don’t forget about that!