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Forget what you know about acupuncture. 

Shamanic Acupuncture is a mixture of finely tuned healing ingredients woven together to reawaken you on this healing journey of life. 

Go within and breathe sacred balance back into your core.

Drop into the cool waters of your consciousness.

Realign your body, mind and soul with your true intentions.

Anchor this knowingness into your physical form for a truly changed life. 

This is a gift of deeply nourishing healing ceremony. 

Grieving for Ghosts

We are into Autumn now, it has always been my favorite season.  But I am a sucker for coming inside and looking around and seeing what needs tidied.

I ‘ve been doing quite a lot of that lately, diving into a grief that spans a lifetime, maybe lifetimes.  Watching it from the outside and seeing how it shimmers and changes based on my moods, how much I’ m working, how much sleep

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The Power of a Trigger

I can think of so many things that trigger me…I ‘m a trigger factory some-days.  And usually what I’ m referring to is something that pushes my buttons and makes me try really hard to remember that I am a compassionate being working

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